As a Congregational Church, New England Church is governed by the congregation.  Each January the congregation gathers for our annual meeting to review the reports from the previous year and set the program and budget for the coming year.

Officers, Boards and Committee lay people are elected at the annual meeting to make decisions on most matters of daily business on behalf of the congregation.  The Constitution and By-laws delineates what issues must be determined by the entire congregation and what can be decided by the various boards and committees.  Special meetings of the congregation can be called during the year if there is reason to do so.

Those elected to conduct the church business on a daily basis are organized around a central Cabinet to which all boards and committees must report.  The Cabinet meets monthly to hear reports from the various groups in the church, and to make decisions if that is necessary.  The Cabinet is made up of the Board Chairs of Education, Deacons, Missions, Finance, Building & Grounds, and Stewardship as well as the officers of the church:  Moderator, Moderator-Elect, Treasurer, and Clerk.

Boards and Committees meet as needed, many monthly, to conduct the affairs of their particular area of ministry.

The Pastoral and Personnel Committee is charged with the annual review of the Senior Minister and to assess his review of all other staff.  They also recommend salary increases to the Board of Finance.

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