Sermons are intended for distribution to members and friends of the New England Congregational Church, Aurora, IL. Every attempt is given to credit resources used for the sermons, but parts of the sermon may be taken from sources not known or inadvertently omitted. The sermon, though in printed manuscript form, is written to be preached, and may therefore contain punctuations, grammar and syntax that stray from those required for printed material.

Soul Food

June 4, 2017-Gary L. McCann

Heavenly Mansions and Ivory Towers

May 14, 2017-Gary L. McCann

Easter is a Verb

Easter Sunday-April 16, 2017-Gary L. McCann

Dinner at Robin Hood

February 5, 2017-Gary L. McCann

Impossible Possibilities

January 29, 2017-Gary L. McCann

The Six O’Clock News and the Good News

January 22, 2017-Gary L. McCann

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