We want to be as accessible as possible to all with special needs.  If we can further facilitate your participation at New England Church, please let us know.

▪Elevator:     1st floor:  offices, bathrooms, parking lot
2nd floor:  sanctuary, narthex, small kitchen
3rd floor:  Sunday School class rooms, music/choir room
4th floor:  Johnson Chapel, balcony, large kitchen, Friendship Hall, theatre

▪Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located on the main floor by the offices and on the 3rd floor.
▪Baby-changing facilities are located in men’s and women’s restrooms on the main floor by the office.
▪Large-print bulletins and hymnals are available at worship.  Please ask an usher.
▪Hearing-assisted amplification devices are available.  Please ask an usher.
▪The narthex and nursery are equipped with speakers for listening to the service.

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