At New England Church, we gather week after week, year after year in community to support, to encourage, and to challenge one another to be people of hope and peace. Our church is an extended family, a place as well as a community of people, who love and accept one another, with all our flaws and with all our gifts.

•We are a community that provides a safe place to explore life, our relationship with one another and with God without recrimination for getting it wrong and without pressure to find uniformity of belief.

•This is a community of solidarity with one another when there are few answers to life’s biggest questions; when logic does not resolve the chaos of our lives; when tragedy overcomes us and comfort eludes us.

•This is a community that voluntarily embraces the privilege and responsibility to include each other, respect one another, pray for and comfort one another as well as challenge one another to new visions of faith.

•This is a community of diverse thinkers, believing that diversity is the soil in which new ideas for ministry germinate and grow, making us stronger and better able to discern the will of God as we strive to be the body of Christ in this time and place.

•This is a place to be lost and a place to be found.  It is a place where we don’t have to prove ourselves.  It is a place to find peace and to be roused in conscience.

•This is a place to help one another discover what we do best, and encourage one another in our service to God and to the wider world.  It is a laboratory to learn to love unconditionally so the family can be better equipped to be the body of Christ in the larger community.


Specific activities that foster Community Life are listed in the drop-down under the “Community Life” link at the top of this page.

You are invited to join us for any of these activities that are of interest to you.

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