Since 1858 New England Congregational Church has served greater Aurora as a “caring church for thinking people.”  Our church is governed by the members of the congregation, yet we embrace the education resources of the denomination and accept its mission as our own.

Our mission is to provide a community of faith and opportunities for spiritual growth for all individuals within a community that seeks to make faith as intelligent as science, as appealing as art, as vital as the day’s work, as comfortable as home and as inspiring as love.

We are an open and affirming, inclusive church.  We welcome all who wish to join us for worship and fellowship, regardless of race and ethnic heritage, religious faith, economic status or sexual orientation.  We want to be a home for families, for those who are single, for single-parents, and for couples of all kinds, with or without children.  We want to be a home for people of all ages, living in all kinds of households and communities.


  • in an interpretation of faith that allows us to encounter God in any way God chooses to come to us.
  • that by being theologically liberal, we are best able to respect individual differences in faith and pilgrimage, worship God, honor the Bible, and follow Christ’s teachings of love and justice.
  • in the teaching of the Gospel variously interpreted in an environment not based on any specific creed.
  • that being inclusive of all people is fundamental to our faith community.
  • in the affirmation of each individual in her or his personal faith, while seeking to serve God’s purposes as a community.
  • that joining together regularly for worship, study and fellowship brings us to a greater understanding of God’s purpose for us in this time and place.
  • that the worship experience is one of quality, integrity and reverence.
  • that a vital church is characterized by meaningful worship, vibrant fellowship, an outstanding music ministry, fresh directions in education for all ages, a dynamic youth program, and a commitment to mission outreach, justice and peace.
  • that Christian service includes faithful stewardship of our resources for ministry.

WE DO NOT PROFESS TO HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS TO LIFE’S QUESTIONS, but we believe that by joining together in worship, prayer and social gatherings we can walk with one another through the difficult times and better discern God’s ways in our lives.ucc-137-rb

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